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7 Daily Practices To Increase Mental Toughness

Mental toughness or tenacity is required if one is to make it in life. It is easy to dream, make plans, and fix an objective. However, walking the mile and actually getting to where you want to be is another story altogether. There are obstacles that include failure, opposition, competition, hatred, natural disasters, and more. Many give up and walk away because they do not have the mental strength to face the challenges. For you to be where you want to be, you need to attain some level of mental fitness and, the psychological edge and strength to be what you really want to be despite all the obstacles and challenges. The following are some of the daily activities one can do in order to boost that drive, to increase one's mental fortitude.

1) Daily physical activity

One cannot stress enough the importance of exercise. Good exercise boosts one's mood, immunity and generally makes you enjoy a good sleep. This in turn gives you a healthy mind. To be mentally tough, you need a clear and stress-free mind. Working out daily helps with that. It also boosts your confidence and makes you feel more relaxed. Try to start the day with a healthy dose of physical activity. Do not overdo it. Research shows that brisk-walking for thirty minutes a day is enough for one to stay healthy. Be physically tough to boost your mental fortitude.

2) Try something new

Fear is one thing that holds people back and causes them to cower from things and opportunities. If you are to develop some tenacity, you have to get rid of that fear of novelty. Try a different activity each day, something new and something that challenges you. As your mind gets used to solving problems and facing challenges, your mental strength develops just as a muscle toughens up with physical activity. Pushing through your fears and worries will help you have the strength of character. Try new hobbies, meet new people, and never be scared of novelty and change.

3) Find time for solitude and introspection

Most people are scared to be alone with their own thoughts. In the end, they constantly seek out distractions and never get to analyze their true intentions and desires. The fear of being alone makes it easier to be controlled by others in your bid to feel wanted and to have a sense of belonging. If you are to develop some tenacity, you have to know yourself. Know your fears, desires, and aspirations. Go deep into yourself each day and calm your thoughts, looking at things from all the different perspectives. When you can define yourself apart from others, and when you know what you really want out of life, you get to focus more on your goals and develop the resilience that is required to face hardships. When you know your weaknesses, nobody can use them against you.

4) Find time to read

When you read, you focus on the words and create images in your mind without distractions. This hones your ability to focus at length and discipline your mind to commit to a given task. When this becomes a lifestyle, you will find that your resilience develops and you become more focused on the things you do. Also, you gain more knowledge as you read. They say ‘knowledge is power’.

5) Set daily objectives and fulfill them

Face the day with specific goals in mind. Try to list activities or things you want to do each day. Ensure that you complete these things according to plan. Do not submit to excuses. This will help you exercise your mind to completing the task, and overcoming hardship without giving up. As you carry out these small tasks each day, your mind will become wired to sticking to objectives and you become more disciplined. In the long-run, this gives you a lot of mental strength and helps you attain your lifetime goals.

6) Get enough rest

A healthy mind is required if we are to be mentally resilient. Find enough time to rest and sleep. This will help keep a fresh mind to keep you focused. If you do not get enough rest or sleep, your mind loses that acute focus and you will be constantly distracted and agitated. Rest is not a waste of time. It is necessary. Your physical health is tied to your mental health.

7) Maintain order and avoid clutter

It is hard to focus if there is chaos all around us. Make sure everything around you is tidy. Maintaining order allows for a peaceful and organized mind. If possible, do it yourself the way you like it. This gives you a sense of autonomy and thus helps build up mental strength.

Remember to keep your body and mind healthy. Eat well and know when to rest. When there is self-awareness, when we practice mindfulness in all our walks of life, we can be stronger and resilient.

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