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From Hello to I do- Dating Manual for Singles

From Hello to I Do- Overview.


Here you single  and trying to date again, that’s not what you planned for. Not only do you have to make yourself “dateable” again, but so much has changed.


This is the book for you. Everything you need to know From Hello to I Do. This book covers assessment to see how ready you are to date, long distance dating, online dating, what to wear on a date, conversations you should and should not have on the first date, who should pay for dates and so much more.  


Among daters, the most common frustration is finding someone who is looking for the same type of relationship and 53% of daters agree. Others cite difficulty in approaching people (46%) and trouble finding someone who meets their expectations (43%). So, it’s not that singles are not meeting people, they are not meeting the right people at the right time, going in the right direction.


From Hello to I do- Dating Manual for Singles

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